it's the little things: food

It's blog circle time again! This month's theme is "food," and while I love to take food shots, I don't really like to bake or cook (and nothing would come out photo-worthy), so we went out instead! Follow our blog circle around to my talented friend, Allison McSorley. Her images always wow me!

Patina Green is a shop in the McKinney town square, and it's been a family favorite since it opened about 3 years ago. Inside is a lunch counter with a rotating soup and sandwich menu using local ingredients. We made it somewhat of a tradition to eat here as a family on Saturdays back last summer when the weather was nice and our schedule was free. It all fell apart when fall hit, and our calendar was quickly filled.

But this past Tuesday the stars aligned: my fave sandwich was on the menu, I only had one baby in tow, and the weather was gorgeous. So, I opted to make it a one-on-one mommy-daughter date with Caroline. 

Of course, bringing Baby + camera meant that she ate and I snapped. I finished about half my sandwich before she was done and ready to go! (And I was lucky I got that much down!)

If you're ever in our neck of the woods, you really should check this place out...

Her sandwich was cooling to the side, and she was finding it hard to be patient!

Caroline's grilled cheese and "fancy" apple juice-

My sandwich: spaghetti squash, Full Quiver cheddar, sweet onion + arugula, walnut pesto on sourdough (+ a side of tomato bisque)-

And cranberry + white chocolate cookies for dessert-

Taking the girls out to eat usually means Mama doesn't really get much time to scarf down her own food, but we still had fun... just the two of us.