product shoot: Confection Perfection by Melissa

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Melissa Stone of Confection Perfection by Melissa to photograph her cupcakes and cookies for her business materials. What a neat opportunity for me! She has 10 varieties of cupcakes, and she brought me 5 of each kind. That's 50 cupcakes, people! After I shot them, I packaged them up and took them around to our neighbors. I couldn't, of course, give away the ones I'd unwrapped, so those had to get taste tested! And let me tell you, they taste even better than they look.

German Chocolate Getaway 

Cookies 'n Dream

Strawberry Sensation

Triple Chocolate Temptation

Peanut Butter Plunge

Almond Butter Applause

Crazy About Coconut

Remarkably Red Velvet

Wonderfully White

Irresistible Italian Cream

Are you hungry now? :)

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