Stuff Kate Says...

* I pulled my hair down from its ponytail, and it looked a mess. Kate looked disapprovingly at me and said, "Hairbrush, Mommy!" and went to get it for me.

* She sings the clean up song ("keem up, keem up, ev-body do share") when picking up Play-Doh toys or crayons.

* Yesterday she backed away from Kirby with her hands pulled in close to her and said "Kirby, wash hands" because a few days ago she heard my mom tell Kirby she wouldn't pet her because she'd just washed her hands. Monkey see, monkey do!

* She ran up to me, hugged me, and said, "Best friend!" Melt my heart.

* Kate loves to hum Beethoven's Symphony #5 she learned from Little Einsteins. She calls it the "giant's song" and sings "fee fi fo fum" to the tune, just like in the show. We currently have Symphony #5 on repeat in the car, and when Kate hears those 4 notes, she gives a squeal and says, "AHHH! A giant!!"

* She sings the tune of the Blue Danube waltz and dances in circles to it. (Also learned from Little Einsteins. Can you tell she loves that show??)

* She still asks "What is it?" a lot, and sometimes she'll follow with "I don't know what it is." She says it very deliberately so that she doesn't miss any of those little words.

* I don't know how we've avoided this word for so long, but Kate is now very into the word "MY..." and fill in the blank behind it. Since we got home she's been showing a little jealousy towards Caroline, and is very frustrated when Caroline touches her toys (even when she's not playing with them). Mommy is also not to be shared.

* Kate has an incredible sense of direction, and when I've turned a direction she doesn't like, she says, "No...home!" or "No...fries!" to indicate where she'd like to go instead.

* She dresses up in her tiara and necklaces and says, "Hi, Princess!" when she comes out to show off.

I caught this video of Kate talking to herself in her crib before I went up to get her a few mornings ago. She had just thrown a little stuffed mouse over the side of the crib, and she was talking to it. I translate a few things, and Caroline plays a little background music on the LeapFrog table behind me.

Here are some pictures of Princess Kate (who likes to put on her tiara backwards) dancing to the Blue Danube Waltz.