Kate's New Room

Kate has a new room! We moved her to the next bedroom down the hall upstairs. It shares an adjoining bathroom with her old room (Caroline's nursery). I LOVE the results. The color on the walls (similar to the light blue/green in the blog design) is so soothing and compliments the dark furniture well. The details are old-fashioned (just like before), which makes sense since we just moved her bedding and a lot of her accessories over. Now the pink nursery is looking a little bare (accessory-wise) at the moment, but I don't think it'll take much to get it ready for baby Caroline.

The funny thing is, I think Kate really loves her new room, too. It took her a few days to get used to going to sleep in there, but she's gotten back to her regular easy-to-put-to-bed self over the last couple of days. She really enjoys being in there!

This is just a smattering of a few shots. To see more, scroll down to the Flickr slideshow.