Sweet Caroline (bum bum bum)

Here's a brain dump about baby #2...

1) We decided on a name! Caroline Grace Carlson will be named after two of her great grandmothers. Caroline was my dad's mom who passed away several years before I was born. I have always wanted to name a girl Caroline after her. Grace is Nick's maternal grandmother. She's such a sweet and loving lady who always has a smile on her face. How lucky this baby girl will be to have a piece of both sides of her family in her name.

2) She is going to have Kate's nursery, and Kate will move next door into the room with the antique furniture that was in my room growing up. We ordered another crib to match the dark wood in that room, and it should be here in just a few weeks. We'll take down the double bed and maybe put in a twin bed that goes well with the set. I think it would be nice to have a bed in there still, and the room is big enough to accommodate one (I think). Kate's bedding will go with her, and I've ordered this bedding from Pottery Barn Kids for Caroline...

3) Speaking of Pottery Barn Kids, Caroline already has her own Anywhere Chair like Kate's. When I ordered Kate's at Christmas, I had to call about 6 times to get the order straightened out. I'll spare you all the details, but I ended up with an extra set of the insert pillows and a $50 merchandise card as a "we're sorry" gift that I used to buy the slipcover. SO, I got Caroline's chair for free! Gotta love that.

4) I started organizing all of Kate's clothes she's outgrown. Unfortunately, Caroline will be born at the beginning of summer, while Kate was born in the winter. I hope there will be some overlap with the clothes we have, but all the cute summer things we had for Kate will for sure be too big for Caroline. Also, Kate was quite the spitter-upper, and there are lots of stains on the newborn clothes. They seem to have darkened and multiplied during the time in storage. Yuck. I'll have to see how some bleach and/or Oxi-Clean help. Poor Caroline... the hand-me-downing begins. :)

5) The C-section date is May 31, which is only four days from my due date. She could decide to come sooner, but we will have a May baby! I'll deliver at Baylor Frisco this time, since my doctor now steers patients away from Centennial Medical Center (where I delivered Kate). Our stay there was fine, but if your doctor says she'd rather not work with them, you listen! I look forward to taking a tour of the other hospital. It looks beautiful!

6) We're really excited that our girls will be so close in age. I'm sure that it will be difficult the first couple of years, but I look forward to them playing together and becoming best friends. Some days I get really nervous, though. Like today when we took Kate to the nursery and we were paged 10 minutes after we dropped her off because she was screaming, and they couldn't calm her down. I think, "We have a baby. What were we thinking?" But I know God has given me all the strength I'll ever need as I depend on Jesus to parent through me. Please help me remember this when Caroline comes! I'm sure I'll need the encouragement.

7) Caroline kicks all the time. I look forward to when it's a whole leg or arm moving across my entire belly. What a fun feeling that is. At 22 weeks plus, she's probably about a foot long and weighs about a pound. I go to the doctor again this week. Won't be long, and I'll be going to the doctor every 2 weeks again. Didn't I just do this? (Don't answer that.)

8) We "test drove" a few double strollers. We really like the Baby Jogger brand. We want something that will accommodate a car seat, and these both do. The City Mini is a double wide stroller and folds very easily. The City Select is more versatile. You can use it as a single stroller or a double with a wide variety of seating options. They could face each other or not, depending on how friendly they're feeling! There's lots of storage room below. To fold it, you have to take off one of the seats then fold it. I'm sure I'd get used to it really fast. Thoughts??

City Mini Double

City Select

9) We already bought a new baby monitor, and we'll need an additional camera, too. Our first one was almost shot. I bought this new one to try, and although I love it, the lowest volume setting isn't low enough for me at night. I'm a very light sleeper, and I don't want to wake up every time Kate whimpers as she rolls over in her sleep. I love all the other settings about it, though. Not sure what I'm going to do about it yet. Maybe I'll buy another one to try out. Again, if you have suggestions, let me know. Monitors are so frustrating to buy; none is perfect, and they're so expensive.
10) Being type-A, I have to make my list an even 10! I would like for Caroline to have a nickname. I like Callie; Nick doesn't. The dog next door is Callie, and he says there are a couple other dog Callies he knows, so he says it's a dog's name. He prefers C.C. Um, VETO. I really like Callie, and I can't think of a cuter nickname for Caroline. We're open to suggestions!