Kate's "Sweet Shoppe" Birthday Party

I'm finally posting pics from Kate's first birthday party. We did a "sweet shoppe" theme with pinks and whites. It was a lot of fun to plan! Thank you to all of our family and friends who came to celebrate a year of Kate.

As you'll see in the pictures, Kate was very chill. It was strange to me to see her so still. You could tell she was just soaking in all the chaos around her! When it came to her cake, she daintily picked at the icing. I ended up having to spoon some of the actual cake into her mouth! She enjoyed it but never dove into it. Then again, it was vegan, so maybe it didn't taste all that great.

This Flickr set has way more pics than I'm sure you want to see, so flip through them quickly!  :) Click the play button in the middle, and click the icon in the bottom right corner if you want to make it full screen.

The invitation:

And check out this adorable plate that Kate's Aunt Mindy painted for her (based on the invitation). We'll pull it out every year for Kate's special day!

Credit for a few of the main vendors I used:

The invitation

The banner

The treat bag tags
{Etsy: chickabug}

Kate's dress