a "must have" baby item

I know this is a crazy topic for a post, but I need to share these spoons with you. They're from IKEA, the place where the most practical things are made "practicaler." And they're cheap.

This whole pack of 6 spoons is only $1.99. I can't tell you how well the little ones work since Kate doesn't feed herself yet, but the long spoons are wonderful. They're better than every other baby spoon. I know because I tried lots of other brands. But when I found these, those other ones got shoved in the back of the pantry. We've been using these for a few months now. They're tried and true.

The secret to the success of these spoons is that they're angled. Here I am modeling the terrific angle of the spoon since you can't see this in the pic from IKEA. (FYI, the small kid spoons are not angled.)

Here's why they're so great...

  • The spoon's angle makes it more ergonomic. It doesn't feel like an awkward grip or motion as you feed Baby.
  • The spoon's scoop part is relatively flat  so that it's easy to scrap the food off of it into Baby's mouth. You can get the whole bite in there without having any left on the spoon.

And here's Kate playing with one. She gives them two thumbs up!

I plan on buying a few packs of these next time I'm at IKEA to put with baby shower gifts. Everyone should have these!

Thanks for listening. I felt I needed to let the secret out!