kate in her crib

Right at 8 months, we stopped swaddling Kate (finally). At bedtime she didn't have much trouble falling asleep without it, but it took her just a couple of days to start going to sleep easily at nap times. Now that she's so mobile, though, she's changing again! Now as soon as we put her in her crib, she starts crawling around, sitting up, banging on the headboard, and chewing on the bumper despite the fact that she is so tired that her eyes (just seconds before) were rolling around in her head. Sometimes we go up and lay her back down, but by the time we get back downstairs and look at the monitor again, she's already sitting up. It's a losing battle I fight, so I might as well just wait for her to conk out. Usually it takes 30 minutes or more for this to finally happen.

Yesterday she took a wonderful, rare, TWO HOUR nap after our photo play date. Here she is, all happy when she woke up...

Isn't she sweet?