It all boils down to this...

My "Smile File"

Well, today was my last day of work. It's bittersweet - more sweet than bitter, though. Maybe like semi-sweet chocolate chips. :) I know I'll be back one day, but today I'm feeling sentimental, so just bear with me.

After 6 years in education, I hung up my hat today. Although, I think it's fair to say "hats" plural. In this profession I have worn so many: guide, mediator, manager, entertainer, salesman, and even mother. I have laughed with many students, prayed with several, cried with a few, and rocked and held one so tightly as I thought my heart would burst for her. They've had attention deficit disorders and potty problems, anger issues and family hangups. Add in a kleptomaniac, and it was quite a circus at times!

In one of my interviews the principal asked, "Which is more important in the teaching profession: the art of teaching or the heart of it?" Without hesitation, I answered, "The heart." Even though I love keeping current in my field and continually learning the best ways to teach, at the end of the day it's all about the kids. It's the relationships that matter. It's about helping them become whomever it is they're going to be.

I stopped and prayed as I turned out the library lights when I left this afternoon. I praised the Lord for providing me the job as librarian this past year. I thanked Him that I now get to stay home with Kate. I prayed for "my" kids. I hope that I'm remembered.