7 favorites on 7 - july

In an effort to get back to blogging, some ClickinMoms friends and I are starting a new monthly blog circle, "7 favorites on 7" (posting on the 7th of each month). Please be sure to click through the circle - you will not want to miss the gorgeous work these ladies share! Next up in the circle is Sarah Vaughn of Story Lane Photography.

















Caroline's 3rd Birthday

We had a very laid back, family birthday to celebrate our spunky Caroline turning three! She wanted a butterfly-themed party, so we went to the Heard Museum and checked out the butterfly exhibit. Next we hit Mellow Mushroom for pizza and headed back home for cupcakes and presents. All in all a wonderful day for the birthday girl, with the exception of a tumble out of the chair right before we were going to sing Happy Birthday. Fortunately all her teeth were still in tact, and the promise of cupcakes and presents helped her forget the pain pretty quickly. SPC_7002-Edit-EditSPC_7011-EditSPC_7035-EditSPC_7056-Edit-2SPC_7059-EditSPC_7064-EditSPC_7086-Edit-2-EditSPC_7097-Edit-EditSPC_7108-EditSPC_7118-Edit-2SPC_7135-EditSPC_7138-EditSPC_7139-EditSPC_7142-EditSPC_7169-Edit-2-EditSPC_7177-Edit-2-EditSPC_7204-EditSPC_7209-EditSPC_7211-Edit



And a poorly done video with my DSLR:

Recent Film

This is quite a hodge-podge, but here goes!  

These is from my first roll of black and white film, shot some time in February.

Nikon D80 + Sigma 35mm f/1.4 lens

Kodak Tri-X 400, box speed, overexposed by 1-2 stops?

Scanned by the FIND lab

bw filmbw film3bwfilmkate

These were shot Jan. 31. This was my first roll to shoot indoors, and I need practice. ;)

Nikon D80 + Sigma 35mm f/1.4 lens

Portra 800, box speed, overexposed by 1-2 stops when I could  (found I had too low of a shutter speed, so I need to remember to rate it at a higher ISO next time)

Scanned by the FIND lab

kate paintingx2katepaint1katepaint2portra800film


This last one is from March 4. Kate had Carnival Day at school and was so excited about her face paint. Notice the tears in her eyes... we had 2 tearful shots before finally giving that sweet smile.

Nikon D80 + Sigma 35mm f/1.4 lens

Kodak Portra 400, box speed, overexposed by 1-2 stops

Scanned at Walgreens

kate rainbow