friday phone dump 3.16.12


reading | sprawled | cousins' table
hugging adelaide | swing | kirby, always near | window friends (name that movie)
teething big time | "reading" her bible | kisses | smooch!
camel chasing warthog | coca-cola mural | weed flower | miss america swim suit competition
bubbles | bubbles | bubbles | running errands

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friday phone dump 2.24.12

phone dump 2.24.12

* at the "dry bar" getting my hair done before the flight to paris | perfectly straight hair
* kate's outfit- hat, diaper, boots | caroline climbing the stairs | kirby helping herself to a pillow
* blue cart car, blue balloon | caroline pulling up under the table | caroline's way of opening her valentines
* kate sporting mr. potato head's glasses | kate in a box | caroline watching tangled
* kate coloring | caroline playing with a box (a kid's favorite toy) | kate sitting on kirby (best dog ever)
* bath crayons | more pulling up | miss blue eyes
* more coloring | lots of jet streams | peekaboo at the park
* wearing caroline, trying to feed her a bottle, and running after kate at the park | picking dandelions | caroline bottle time
* cuddling | posing | playing w/ kirby

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friday phone dump 1.27.12

I know I'm posting this a day late, but I'm going to date it for yesterday anyways.

feeding herself puffs | dandelion macro (w/ magnet lens Keaton got me) | slide
watching for horses, cows, and camels on our drive to school | window light | asleep | allergy skin test - not so good
cuddling after skin test | staying entertained for 4.5 hours at the allergist with stickers, | books, | watching movies,
and eating fake ice cream cones (ironic!) | hint of a rainbow | first PB&J - turned out it didn't sit so well on the tummy :( | new t-ball set

Okay... this one's just so cool, I need to show it bigger...

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friday phone dump 1.20.12

photo editing | bouncing | flying | birthday princess
balloons | clouds | first time in a restaurant highchair | well-behaved | caroline & mommy
all hands on deck at bath time | cuddling w/ blankie and doggie after blood draw (for allergy levels) | yummy toes | fell in drum | pouting
big girl | peek-a-boo | dirty face | Daddy's home! | Kate & Daddy
caroline at the wheel | watching Tangled | copy cat | Vegan chocolate pudding | asleep

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friday phone dump 1.13.12

row1: Caroline & Daddy | swinging | sliding | Mommy & Caroline flare | branch, sky, & moon
row2: drive by | Caroline grabbing for Kirby | Kate's kitchen | Caroline moving to snuggle with Kirby | Caroline going for Kate's doll | spaghetti face
row3: to-do | Kate offering the bottle to Caroline | new lens | shopping cart | watching Toy Story | pigtails!

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364/365: running around

{running around}
We had a busy day. We put away all the Christmas decorations, cleaned out the under-the-stairs closet, made a mall run, and Nick and I went out on a date. Not much time for picking up the camera, so my phone had to do.
We were on our way back to the car from our mall errands, and Nick (wise daddy that he is) knew that Kate needed a little running around time instead of just putting her straight from the stroller to the car seat. We just had a small patch of grass, but that was all she needed to burn off a little steam!

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